About Us

    Who are we?

    The NCPGA HOPE Associates Club is a golf club exclusively for NCPGA HOPE graduates from any of Northern California's ten clinic sites (Baylands-Palo

    Alto, Bayonet Blackhorse-Seaside, Cypress Lakes-Vacaville, Diablo Creek-Concord, Haggin Oaks-Sacramento, Metropolitan-Oakland, Pleasanton-

    Pleasanton, Presidio-San Francisco, Sierra Sage-Reno, Swenson Park-Stockton).  It was founded and formed with the same mission as PGA HOPE, and to

    give the veteran community a common ground on which they could come together to foster the camaraderie and support once revered during their military

    service.  That common ground is no other than the game of golf.  As a tremendous benefit, we have PGA experts guiding the way to make this game both a

    recreational and rehabilitative tool for veterans.  


    What we are doing?

    The NCPGA HOPE Associates Club recognizes the numerous sacrifices many of you have made to provide the freedoms enjoyed by many.  Those

    sacrifices come at a cost; some are visible while others are not.  Regardless of era served or branch of service, we aim to create an environment where

    veterans can be themselves and enjoy the fellowship of other veterans.  On the course, this is achieved through friendly, competitive events that promote

    pride and bragging rights for the veteran, their team, clinic site, and branch of service.  Off the course, we’ll be hosting and attending events that continue to

    strengthen those bonds forged through our respective branches.  


    How do I join?

    To join this exclusive club, click on the "Register" button below.


    Once at the registration page;

    - If you have an existing GHIN Number, you’ll enter it and hit continue near the bottom right of the page.  

    If you do not have a GHIN Number, you’ll click on the blue link “I am new to NCGA – Join Now” under the GHIN Number text box. 


    Annual membership is $49, which covers the cost of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) to establish and maintain your handicap index.


    What are the benefits of being an NCPGA HOPE Associates Club Member?

    One of the greatest benefits is being connected to a veteran community that cherishes the game of golf.  Additionally, it affords the opportunity to network

    with and support other veterans in their own endeavors.  Whether looking to compete in tournaments or hit the greens for some social activity, the NCPGA

    HOPE Associates Club can fulfill those desires.  Ultimately, this drives the camaraderie that our veterans have come to appreciate and enjoy.  Other benefits

    gained are; establishing a Handicap Index, and NCGA membership and discounts.


    For a full listing of benefits, click on "Member Benefits" above.


    Since joining this program and the NCPGA HOPE Associates Club, I have met some incredible people that helped me in my own journey.  Without it, I

    wouldn’t be where I am at today.  This speaks to the impact and power of the PGA HOPE program, the Associates Club, and its family members.  I hope

    you’ll consider joining and being a part of something tremendous!


    William Stockholm

    NCPGA HOPE Ambassador

    President, NCPGA HOPE Associates Club

    USMC, GySgt (Ret)