Established in December 2019, the Northern California PGA HOPE Associate Club continues the mission and goals of PGA HOPE beyond the 6 – 8 week introductory program.  Through numerous golfing tournaments scheduled annually throughout the Northern California PGA Section, PGA HOPE members can continue their golfing journey while networking and fostering camaraderie within the PGA HOPE community.  


Led and managed by PGA HOPE members, we aim to create an environment where PGA HOPE members can be themselves and enjoy the fellowship of other PGA HOPE members.  This is achieved through friendly, competitive events that promote pride and bragging rights for the PGA HOPE members, their team, program site, and branch of service.  As a tremendous benefit, we have PGA experts guiding the way to make this game both a recreational and rehabilitative tool.  Whether looking to compete in tournaments or hit the greens for some social activity, the Northern California PGA HOPE Associate Club aims to fulfill those desires.  Other benefits gained are establishing a Handicap Index, NCGA membership, and NCGA member discounts.



To use golf as a rehabilitative tool to help PGA HOPE members overcome life’s adversities and improve their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

  • Create a safe environment for PGA HOPE members to continue their golf journey while establishing relationships of trust with PGA Professionals and other PGA HOPE members.
  • Have fun and foster a culture of camaraderie.
  • Provide opportunities to continue learning and playing the game of golf through a variety of team and individual play formats.
  • Empower PGA HOPE members to feel confident playing golf on their own after the program.
  • Unite and strengthen the PGA HOPE community.


Annual membership is $59, which covers the cost of membership with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) to establish and maintain your handicap index.

  • If paying by check, please send payment to the Northern California Section PGA Foundation at 411 Davis Street, Suite 103, Vacaville, CA 95688.  Make payable to "NCPGA Foundation" and a memo of "Associate Club."